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Survey of ELT Research in India


What is the Survey of ELT Research in India?

The Survey of ELT Research in India is a research project whose aim is to gather together information on ELT research which has been undertaken in India since 2005. Its major output will be a free, comprehensive online repository of first-level information on research carried out in India into English language teaching, learning and assessment. This will essentially be a bibliographical resource that can be searched using a variety of fields.

Keeping in mind copyright issues, the online database will not itself contain the full text version of any piece of research, although links will be made to open access online publications or project descriptions whenever possible

How do we define 'ELT Research in India'?

We understand 'research' as original investigation undertaken in order to gain knowledge and understanding. It also includes 'scholarship': the creation, development, and maintenance of an activity or area of study, in this case ELT, in forms such as dictionaries, research databases, and reviews of research. 'ELT research' refers to any research that is relevant to the policy and/or practice of teaching, learning and/or assessment of English as a second or foreign language. It does not, for example, cover research in fields such as English Literature or Second Language Acquisition unless the data/findings relate directly to English language teaching, learning or assessment. Research 'in India' refers to research undertaken by a current member of staff or a bona fide student of an institution based in India even if the study is done elsewhere in the world.

What will the Survey achieve?

Completion of the project is expected to contribute greatly to peer debate and discussions on lacunae, needs and priorities for ELT research in India, and to capacity-building in this area.

The Survey is likely to contribute to enhancing the quality and quantity of ELT research in India.

It will also enhance international collaborative opportunities for Indian researchers and academics, and will serve as a reference point for international academics, teachers of English language, and potential research and postgraduate students who may be considering projects, attachments, or courses of study in an Indian institution.

The project will also result in a mapping of all institutions in India undertaking ELT research.

Why is a Survey necessary?

Research into ELT appears to be on the increase in institutions and organisations across India, largely in response to pressing contemporary needs for enhancement of ELT provision.

In India, English is being taught as a first, second and a foreign language, in a wide variety of situations. Thus, research into English language education practices in India can provide unique insights with wide-ranging implications not only for India but other countries in Asia and the rest of the world.

However, there has been little attempt to compile information about and ascertain the value of the research that is being done. The British Council India, in partnership with the English and Foreign Languages University of India, Hyderabad and the University of Warwick, UK, is therefore leading on a project to systematically survey the ELT research that has been done from 2005 to date in the field of ELT in India, to make the resulting compilation of information easily available online in the form of a dynamic, searchable database, and to evaluate research on this basis.

How will the initial data be collected?

The data will be collected using an online self-submission process with all institutions working on English language teaching at all levels being invited to share and upload data on a voluntary basis.

With a view to sustainability of the project, a data collection and online publication process has been devised which will enable ELT research in India to be recorded easily, on an ongoing basis, into the future.

Detailed instructions for those willing to provide details of their research for the Survey will be issued shortly.